Introduction - My Prince trip to MPLS

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My Prince trip to MPLS
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The section about Paisley Park provides details on the visits: what there is to see and what the guides will tell you. It is normally intended to be read by people who have already visited Paisley Park.

If you decide to read the transcript of the visit before attending Paisley, I will have to say that reading my notes does not replace the experience of attending Paisley Park yourself. Regardless of expectations you may have, I do recommend that you attend Paisley Park. It is run by a lot of lovely people who make you feel welcome and will do their very best to be sure you enjoy your visit as much as possible.

The museum changes displays regularly. It is therefore possible that you saw different exhibits if you attended the museum at a different period. Rather than writing one transcript of the general admission visit, one transcript of a VIP visit and another transcript of the ultimate visit, I have decided to write one and only transcript for the "ultimate" visit because it includes everything.

As explained on the homepage of this website, you will find pictures showing the inside of Paisley Park. Many of those pictures were taken by the Carver County Sheriff's Office within the following days of Prince's death. Pictures from the time of Prince's death were taken before Paisley Park was converted into a museum and are shown for illustrative purposes only. This means a few areas might have been rearranged for the purpose of the museum and tours. A few other pictures will come from articles aiming to advertise Paisley Park as a museum, after the conversion of a few rooms. is unofficial and unauthorized. The Prince estate does not endorse this website. It has been created by a fan after visiting Paisley Park and Minneapolis.
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