4-Influencers, Studio C, UTCM & GB - My Prince trip to MPLS

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My Prince trip to MPLS
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You exit studio A by a door which takes you to a corridor with a painting called the 'influenced mural'. The painting was originally located in "Rio" in Las Vegas. The painting shows Prince with open arms. One his left are musicians who influenced Prince, and the right are musicians who were influenced by Prince.

Influencers: Sly, James Brown, Miles Davis, Earth, Wind & Fire, Joni Mitchell, Tower Power, Larry Graham, Chaka Khan, Jimi Hendrix, Santana and Stevie Wonder.

Influenced: Sheila E, Wendy & Lisa, Apollonia, Vanity 6 (the whole group), The Time, The Revolution, Mazarrati, The Family, Martika, The deal (?, not sure about the name)
Then, you enter the studio C lounge. (Ultimate only) You can see an accoustic guitar which is a GB10, named after George Benson. The guide shows you a picture of studio C in 1988. 3rd eye girl recorded Plectrum Electrum in studio C. Studio C used to be a basketball court for Prince too.

Videos shown to you: snippet from Rave un2 the year 2000, a video of 3rd eye girl playing Plectrum electrum with Prince on the guitar, a video Prince posted of himself when he was playing the drums in studio C. It is possible I forgot to write down a video of 'the love we make'.
Purple Rain room / Studio C

It is now time to enter studio C, converted into the Purple Rain room.

You can find:
  • the bike from Purple Rain,
  • Trophees,
  • the Purple Rain coat,
  • the cloud guitar,
  • the Purple Rain movie script,
  • a keyboard used on tour. Prince would jump on it.
  • a frame which is an award for the 13,000,000 sold copies of the album Purple Rain,
  • the 2016 trophee to give Prince the soundtrack.
Video showing the Purple Rain Rain room and other areas:
ENGLISH: https://youtu.be/UcsqGhRJgs8?t=84
FRENCH: https://youtu.be/je8k0OhIDq0?t=83
The journey continues by entering an area divised in two sections: one for Under The Cherry Moon and one for Graffiti Bridge.

Items from Under the Cherry Moon:

  • drums
  • 2 outfits from the movie
  • speakers from the Parade tour

Items from Graffiti Bridge:

  • bike from the movie Graffiti Bridge
  • the leather jacket from Graffiti Bridge
  • the graffiti bridge top while looks like a checkers board (white and black squares)
MyPrinceTripToMPLS.net is unofficial and unauthorized. The Prince estate does not endorse this website. It has been created by a fan after visiting Paisley Park and Minneapolis.
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