4-Day 4: Saturday 22 September, 2018 - My Prince trip to MPLS

- Unofficial & unauthorized, not endorsed by the Prince Estate -
My Prince trip to MPLS
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Saturday was a day out in Minneapolis before heading back to Chanhassen for the Paisley Park after dark event.

My first stop was the First Avenue.
My next stop was the official store of the Minneapolis Twins where they sell exclusive Pricne merchandise. I was there on my 1st day but did not take any picture because of the heavy rain. It is a 5-minute walk from the First Avenue.
From Target Field, I decided to walk to the site where Glam Slam used to be located. Nothing remains but I did take a couple of pics.
My next destination is the Orpheum Theater.
The walk carries on to the Dakota Jazz club.
The journey continued to the Schmidt Mural. I had problems finding it even though it was very close. When I entered a bar and asked for the 'Schmidt mural', everyone looked at me with eyes rolling all over the face wondering what I was talking about. However, when I rephrased to the 'wall with music notes on it', the immediate reply was that it was on the other side of the building.
Sound 80 is just a skyscraper with nothing to see. I walked around downtown until I thought about trying to make it to the Capri Theater. It was Saturday 12 PM and I might end up in front of a closed door. After all, I had the time so I decided to try my luck. When I arrived outside the Capri Theater, it was time to take a few pictures. Then, I saw people walking out and my mind immediately thought 'the door is open, it's open!' so I ran inside. It only took 5 minutes for the manager to come in and say 'I am shutting down.' I explained to him I was coming from Europe and came in because I was a Prince fan. He allowed me to stay extra minutes and offered me to take a couple of pics as a souvenir. He also asked me to sign his guestbook, which I did, and he explained there were lots of people from all over the world who were coming here because of the Prince connection.
Then, I decided to revisit Electric Fetus. A garage sale was taking place on Saturday.
Before making it back to Chanhassen for Paisley Park after dark, I walked from Electric Fetus to Loring Park.
MyPrinceTripToMPLS.net is unofficial and unauthorized. The Prince estate does not endorse this website. It has been created by a fan after visiting Paisley Park and Minneapolis.
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