3- Galaxy room and studios B and A - My Prince trip to MPLS

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My Prince trip to MPLS
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Galaxy room

The tour continues by walking to the Galaxy room. The Story Bar has a picture of the room. The room is named after the galaxy painted around the walls.

Thirteen symbols are hidden on the wall. Symbols are backwards.

(cropped image from the Story Bar)

During my last tour, the guide shared her view that "it [backward symbols] was most likely intentional. Otherwise, it would have driven him crazy. Probably to look at Paisley Park from another angle."

The Galaxy room is the lounge of studio B. It is where Prince could relax.

Visitors get to see a video from 1996 where you can see Prince in the galaxy room. The video contains an interview which might be filmed in one of the studios.

Studio B

Studio B is just a few steps away. Depending on the day and tour you select, you get a different experience.

VIP tours on Thursdays walk directly in the studio B (area with the ping pong table) and you are allowed to walk individually in the console room in order to record a mix of voice singing over a Prince tune.
VIP tours on Sundays do not enter the console room at all.

The ultimate tour I attended starts in the console room.

Console room (ultimate)

You can see a picture of his father on a shelf behind the console. On the right of the picture of his father, you can see the 'innovator award' from 2004 when Prince selling CD's included in concert tickets of the Musicology tour.

A small room connected to the console room contains 24-track machines. You are told it can be noisy. Scented candles are also present in the console room.

An analog is visible. The guide explains that, apparently, the older analog tapes in the vault were 'getting kind of bad'. The Prince symbol is noticeable on speakers.

As part of the ultimate experience, I got to hear the following audio clips in the console room:
- celebration 2017,
- July 1986 version of 'hot thing',
- a mix of the track 'breakdown' between the studio version and a live recording from a concert in Montreal.
You exit the console room and walk into the studio for the photo experience. You are allowed to play ping pong (table tennis, for British readers).

The purple piano contains and electric keyboard inside. The piano has lyrics lyrics printed on top of it. Two of the songs are Sometimes it snows in April and How come you don't call me anymore. There is also an Ipad slot for digital lyrics.

On the right of the purple piano, a black piano is visible with a white hat on it. The hat reminds me of a white hat Prince could wear during the Emancipation era.
After studio B, you are taken to... studio A

Studio A

Lovesexy was the first album to be recorded in Studio A. A few among examples are also Batman, Emancipation... Willing and able was also recorded full band in this studio.

Prince is not the only artist who came to record in studio A. James Brown, Celine Dion and Madonna also recorded here.

You get to see a video of Prince with Larry Graham in studio A in 1999.

Next, you turn to the console room. You look at the Lyn LM1 machine and the OBX synthesizer. The guide explained that Prince would sit to record his vocals, which is usual as most artists stand up for this.

Prince also acted as the recording engineer and the producer. He could be alone in the room and manage the recording process on his own. It has also been noted that Prince shredded the music he did not want.

Studio A contains several rooms which are patched together with headphones so that musicians can hear each other.

The tour in studio A ends with the listening of an audio recording. It is unreleased music Prince was working on in 2016 for a jazz album. You get to hear "rough enough".
MyPrinceTripToMPLS.net is unofficial and unauthorized. The Prince estate does not endorse this website. It has been created by a fan after visiting Paisley Park and Minneapolis.
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