2-Editing bay & guitars - My Prince trip to MPLS

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My Prince trip to MPLS
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The tour continues by inviting the group to enter the "editing bay". Director chairs are ready so that visitors can make themselves comfortable in order to watch several videos. The 'ultimate' tour stays approximately 20 minutes in the editing bay.
You are not allowed to sit on the sofa, reason why director chairs are made available to you.

It is where Prince and his band would gather after concerts in order to watch the complete concert and discuss how to improve the next performances. "I did not like this. You should do more of this, less of that."

The tour guide explains that, between the TV and the brown door (on the left wall), the wall can be touched a certain way in order to open a secret passage. After Prince's death, an architect map of the property would have revealed some free space. It is how the hidden room with secret shelves and tapes was discovered.

The visual experience begins:
  • Much more music interview sample (Musicology era) where Prince explains the meaning of 'real music by real musicians'.,
  • a video from a soundcheck in Washington DC (probably from the Musicology tour). Prince is dressed in red and in black.
  • a video of Prince and the band backstage, under the symbol stage. The date and tour are unknown. It could be the Musicology tour but also Welcome 2 america or another Welcome 2 tour or the 21 nights in London.
  • a video from the Musicology tour with Sheila E.
  • an accounstic performance of 'I could never take the place of your man' during the Musicology tour.
  • ULTIMATE ONLY: interviews from the Celebration 2017 of Moris Hayes, Levi Saucer, Damon Dickson, Sal Greco and a couple of other people.
  • ULTIMATE ONLY: the video of the performance 'Something in the water does not computer' from Manchester Academy 2017. This video was available on the Internet.

On the right of the room, there are shelves with lots of CD's on them. These shelves hold "sound effect CD's".


After exiting the 'editing bay', the group stays near the restrooms which are located just outside the door.

Two guitars and a mic are visible behind glass windows. There is the guitar from Gold which is an Auerswald (named after its maker). Two features can be seen on the 'fingerboard'. The first feature is the Prince symbol located nearly halfway (in the middle). The other feature is a heart near the sound hole.

The other guitar was "G-1 Purple Special" by the Luthier Simon 'Gus' Farmer from East Sussex. You can find a picture and an article about this guitar on guitarworld and on the BBC website.

The last exhibit is the microphone with the symbol from his Hitnrun shows from 2014.
MyPrinceTripToMPLS.net is unofficial and unauthorized. The Prince estate does not endorse this website. It has been created by a fan after visiting Paisley Park and Minneapolis.
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