2- Day 1: Wednesday 19 September, 2018 - My Prince trip to MPLS

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My Prince trip to MPLS
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During the night between Tuesday 18 September 2018 and Wednesday 19 September 2018, my plane took off from Glasgow at around 6 AM. With all the preparations (waiting for the taxi etc), I woke up at 2:30 AM in order to check I had not forgotten anything and that I was ready to go. It was not direct flight. The journey had a connection in Amsterdam. Although online reservation did not mention it, boarding the plane in Amsterdam started one hour before take off and there was a long queue to show my right to enter the USA and answer security questions. If you do plan to fly to the USA with a connection in Amsterdam, my recommendation would be to plan to land in Amsterdam at least 2 hours before take off for your flight to the USA. The plane took off from Amsterdam around 10:30 AM and was due to land in Minneapolis at 12:43 PM local time.

After several hours on the plane, a voice can heard saying to "prepare for landing". The excitement begins...

Moving around with Uber has been very easy. I only had to wait 10 minutes for my Uber to pick me up from the Terminal 1 and take me to my hotel. I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Chanhassen which located to the west of Paisley Park.  It is a 5-minute drive to Paisley Park or a 30-minute walk along the highway.

My driver kindly pointed Paisley Park to the left while driving past it, which also meant the hotel was nearby. Even though I arrived before the check-in hour (15:00), my room was ready. No wait was required from me. I felt I still had some energy so I decided to take my first walk to Paisley Park, even though I knew the gates would be closed.

When the "Audubon Road" sign became visible, I knew that Paisley Park was not far away.
As you can see, the view is obstructed by trees. You need to walk farther in order to be able to start distinguishing the building.
It is then that I managed to approach Paisley Park for the first time in my life (it has to be special. :-) ) and took my first pictures.
Rain started pouring down so I decided to head in town in order to try to make it to 430 Oak grove and do some shopping.
Day 2:

The weather was very bad. I went to Paisley Park and enjoyed the rest of the day in the hotel in order to relax (the journey made me feel a bit tired and I needed to plan my day out on Saturday).

Want to see what was waiting for me outside?
MyPrinceTripToMPLS.net is unofficial and unauthorized. The Prince estate does not endorse this website. It has been created by a fan after visiting Paisley Park and Minneapolis.
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