1-Arrival & Atrium - My Prince trip to MPLS

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My Prince trip to MPLS
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Paisley Park welcomes you in the entry way. A couple of queue lines are in place: one for general admission and one for VIP. Before stepping into the entry way, at the door, a member of the staff asks you to check that your mobile is turned off and left in the bag. You have the option to carry your phone with you during the visit, but it will be locked by security. Two other lovely staff members wait for you at the reception in order to check you in and welcome you for the visit. Ulmate visiters receive a laminate and a USB flash drive (included in the ticket price) for the photo experience in studio B. For VIP tours, the flash drive is not included in the ticket value and will be asked to purchase the flash if you want photos of you in Studio B.

The ceileing of the entry way has a galaxy with keynotes around it. A TV is playing video clips. Near the window overlooking the parking, you can see a frame which contains a cover of Diamonds & pearls.
After checking in, you can wait alongside the stairs, where Prince's eyes are watching you. Several records are visible on the wall. Opposite of the records, the letter from the Obama after Prince's death is displayed to visitors. It is signed in purple ink by Michelle and Barrack Obama. Can you remember Prince played a concert at the White House?
It is now time to start the visit. A guide dressed in purple starts the tour by asking visitors where they come from, an opportunity for everyone to hear where other guests are traveling from. The introduction of the tour begins with the following explaination "Prince was born on Juny 7, 1958. He was the son of two musicians." The painting with Prince's eyes is pointed out to you and the guide comments it by saying Prince wanted to have it here in order to show visitors he was always watching around.

The group leaves the entrance hall and walks into the Atirum where the group stays on the marble.


There is a lot of sunlight coming in the Atrium from the glass windows. The hall is very bright. The tour guide explains that the painting of the sky on the walls is a metaphor aiming to show that is no limit to creativity at Paisley Park. Emphasis is made that the museum is here to celebrate Prince's life before turning to Prince's urn. The urn is presented as "Prince's final resting place". Everyone is asked to do a minute of silence in order to pay respect to Prince. Then, you can hear "I understand the gravity of the moment. Maybe you did not expect this. (...)"

The group moves to one side of the marbel in order to look at the doves on the first floor. Their names are Dinity and Majesty. Sometimes, you can hear them giggle or cry. I am still wondering if they have something to do with the song 'when doves cry'?

It is now time to look at the little kitchen. Tables, a sofa and a TV are visible. It is where Prince used to sit and watch basketball (he liked the NBA). Can you remember Prince attended NBA games in person?

You now have time to look at several rooms. You are free to move around and stay you like. Closets (Dirty Mind & Controversy) have been converted into displays. Rooms you can enter are Diamonds & Pears, Lovesexy, Sign O The Time, and Prince's personal office. There is also a small room opposite Prince's personal office which used to be a place for payphones before mobile phones came to exist.
The hall contains several Prince golden discs, included discs from artists who recorded at Paisley Park. For example, you can find 'Out of time' from REM.

The Dirty Mind closet currently displays a walkman, tapes (nobody knows what is on them) and handwritten notes. A guide said the notes might not be written by Prince. The page shows the date 1977 and the header on the top of the page reads 'Soft & wet'.

The Controversy closet displays the guitar from the Controversy tour.

The Diamonds & Pearls room contains 2 screens and 4 suits from Diamonds & pearls tour. None of these items were shown in London.
  • 2 yellow suits
  • 1 purple suits
  • 1 orange suit

The screens show:
  • screen 1: clips from the Diamonds & Pearls video collection (officially released on VHS and DVD)
  • screen 2: 3 complete concert tracks from the Diamonds & Pearls tour
      • Get off. From one of the London concerts (you can hear Prince shout 'London').
      • Willing and able (unknown date and location)
      • Diamonds & Pearls (unknown date and location)

The Sign O The Times room contains
  • the jean jacket that Prince was wearing at the MTV awards,
  • the fur coat c(white) you can on picture from the SOTT era,
  • drums from the SOTT tour,
  • the guitar that plays on 'Forever in my life',
  • a green/turquoise outfit with a white tie (slow love outfit maybe? will need to check),
  • the Sign O The time movie poster
  • and a TV playing Sign O The times.

The Lovesexy room contains
  • long black boots with the corresponding top (for example during the track When you were mine of Lovesexy Dortmund),
  • a white vest with black dots on it,
  • a white electric guitar (Prince plays it at the end of anastesia in the Lovesexy Dortmund video),
  • a black with blue pockets where you the vertical text 'Prince' (on Lovesexy Dortmund too)
  • and a TV playing Lovesexy Dortmund in absolutely stunning quality.

Prince's personal office shows several features which include
  • books (the Bible for example),
  • pictures of family and/or friends,
  • a table with a Jimi Hendrix painting,
  • a desk
  • and a TV playing showing the Tavis Smiley interview before he played Reflection.
MyPrinceTripToMPLS.net is unofficial and unauthorized. The Prince estate does not endorse this website. It has been created by a fan after visiting Paisley Park and Minneapolis.
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